“Spanking Elisha” – New Audio-Included Version

I’m not sure if I posted the audio for this or not. I think I did….

Spanking Discussion

Download the audio here – quality level is only medium (using logitech headset and not my music studio).

Spanking Elisha


Elisha Cuthbert came to visit me last night… Nope not in reality, but in a dream. I suppose she visits many a wishful thinking hetero-oriented men. She is a wonderful example of that rare combination of extremely cute, beautiful, and sexy – three of my favorite aesthetic metrics for women. The most important metric for me is “spankability”. Chances are, if a woman has a combination of cuteness and sexiness, she’s likely to be quite spankable. But in my experience, spankability is it’s own aspect – mysterious and inexplicable. And for me, Elisha has it like crazy.

Besides that, based on her character on “Happy Endings”, she seems to have this very matter-of-fact/girl-next-door way about her that is amazingly attractive. To my twisted mind, she does seem like the…

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