“It Can’t Be This Easy.”

This blog post inspired the comment for this week’s episode of “The Quai Franklin Show”. It gave me the insight to solving a more than 30 year old philosophical puzzle for me.


Trusting the Universe:

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try, all you get is obstacles, objections, limitations and rejections.  If you apply the universal “sky cam” view that I am personally trying to spend more time in, it seems it is because you are going down the wrong path, that the lesson is to either change direction or try harder, and you have to evaluate it, but either way, it means hard work, more effort, more struggle, more wondering why you even try when you don’t get anywhere for it all.

At other times it may seem that you do one small thing…maybe something you always felt a calling to do but never dared, something held you back.  And it seems like the world responds like crazy!  Everyone gives you validation at every turn.  You feel like you are on fire, have the magic touch, and find…

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