The Song – “Farewell Farewell” by Quai Franklin

Download here – Farewell Farewell

(Featured in “The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 4“)

Farewell Farewell – Don’t you come back again

Farewell Farewell – You said you’d stay til the end

Farewell Farewell – On you my heart would depend

You’d be my friend. You’d be my friend

Farewell Farewell – Pain just makes wisdom grow

Farewell Farewell – As above, so below

Farewell Farewell – Karma can’t stop my flow

Don’t you know? Don’t you know?

Everything that happens

All happened before

Time is a circle

Let us be free once more

Farewell Farewell – You know we’ll be back here again

Farewell Farewell – The journey goes on

Farewell Farewell – Will you hurt me next time?

Samsara zone. Samsara zone.

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