The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 5

Download it from here:

… or push to play:

The Song is “Rachel” by Quai Franklin.

The Story this week is “Room 8’s New Teacher” by Quai Franklin from the Spanking Discussion blog, originally punished published in December 2011.

The Comment – “The Value of Support” by Quai Franklin.

3 thoughts on “The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 5

  1. Hey Quai Franklin,
    I am very impressed with your program! The song “Rachel” was very good! I loved the lyrics and the music.
    The story about the teacher was interesting. I felt very sorry for Sonya. Tracy should have been arrested. I don’t understand Kelly volunteering to take a punishment like that. I would have taken that paddle, thrown it aside , and beaten the hell out of Tracy. But then I probably would have been arrested too.
    You make an excellent psychologist. You also give good advice to people, which helps them a great deal.
    Keep up the GOOD WORK!


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