Re-starts, Re-boots, Re-births

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This is Quai Franklin. My wife and submissive, Ren Enberg ( ) and I are both singer/songwriters and we both record at home on our computers. The other day I was about to give Ren the suggestion before she went into recording, that she might want to re-set her Mac and her audio interface. And I thought, “Yeah… you know re-setting is something we have to do as humans too. That’s kind of what re-birth mythology is all about. I’ve recently had a re-birth myself, becoming more fully and authentically me.

As we all know and have dealt with, re-boots and re-starts are a bit of a pain because they seem to take so long in what has now become our very short-attention-paying, jump-cut edited world. Flaws in operating systems and hardware issues aside, part of the reason they take as long as they do is the system cleaning out its memory and buffers, deleting unnecessary and cluttering data.

Like any computer re-start, what we sometimes need to do as people involves flushing out the vestiges of no-longer-useful memory fragments and cached bits of images of scenes we’re no longer currently viewing. We need to purge, to power down, and then rest a minute before we power back up with a clean slate, refreshed and ready to go. The consequences of not doing so are sluggishness, inappropriate responses, and in severe cases a crash.

So let’s not crash. Re-start from time to time.

This is Quai Franklin.


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