QFR Live Streaming Shall Return

Last night I did a few live tests on my Shoutcast stream. I was really happy to be doing so because among the many reasons Quai Franklin Radio hasn’t been live streaming is because I have been so plagued with audio equipment and software failures that I just haven’t had the time or resources to do anything about til very recently.

I’m really excited because I now have an audio set up that will allow for me to talk live on the air in addition to pre-recorded audio and I can broadcast Skype conversations which will enable interviews and discussions. Additionally, I’ll be able to do live performances from the studio because I can patch in an external audio mixer. Up until now, most of my live performances have been in Second Life with my wife, submissive, and musical partner, Ren Enberg. I’m gearing up now to do some solo performances with my new genre I’m calling “Sci-Fi Blues”.

The next steps in the process for Quai Franklin Radio is gathering content and doing some fresh programming. I’ll feature Best Of The Left and Poly Weekly Podcast as anchor shows, along with coming new episodes of The Quai Franklin Show. As always music and entertainment is an important part of what I do, so there will be erotica, including spanking and other kinky short stories, poetry, and radio plays.

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