Questioning the News

This is Quai Franklin for Quai Franklin Internet Radio. It’s Friday, August 16, 2013.

I want to talk to you a bit about my strategy and intention with regard to news reporting. When I had the idea to start an Internet radio station two years ago, the original inspiration for me was twofold. One was listening to public radio (including NPR, PRI, the BBC and others) and all of the wonderful entertainment, analysis, news, and information I got from public radio. The other inspiration was my excitement at the idea of offering you, the listeners, my and others’ original music, stories and other kinds of creative audio expression, advocacy and discussion regarding sexual freedom and equality, and relevant information about social justice.

All of that is still my intention and still my vision for the station going forward. And with various forms of contributions from the community of listeners, including financial, content, suggestions, etc. we will, I hope, see the vision come to fruition.

The final tricky thing for me to consider was that often ambiguous word, “news”. It’s difficult enough to run a radio station more or less single-handedly without also trying to cover “news”, especially when there are so many brilliant radio news outlets available to you. At the same time I do want to have a platform to air and discuss social justice issues and concerns, which would entail relating a portion of the news as it is relevant to the discussion.

I’m resolving this conflict, this quandary by making my “beat” as a reporter, the Internet as I experience and consume it. As such you should understand that what I’ll be reporting is of personal interest to me. So if you are interested in areas that I’m also interested in, you’ll like listening. If you don’t, you won’t of course. Or you may find yourself somewhere in between – listening to the content that you like and ignoring the rest.

When I do talk about the “news” I will do so from the point of view of someone who is not an actual journalist, but someone who is curious and cares about what’s going on in the world as it affects people, in terms of social justice, sexual freedom and equality, and psychological and social health and harmony. That being the case, I’m taking the approach that you and I are a team and that we’re discovering what’s happening in the world together. Perhaps you can add information by commenting on blog posts or calling into the station Skype line (contact “quai_franklin” on Skype. A phone number will be obtained later) or perhaps you can correct information I’ve gotten wrong or answer questions that I bring up when reporting on something.

I really want this to be a community supported enterprise. I’m doing this because I’m inspired to do it, but I’m doing it as a service to you and ultimately that is what will make it a fulfilling endeavor.

Please send your questions or comments to or comment on the blog ( or Skype me at “quai_franklin”.

This is Quai Franklin for Quai Franklin Internet Radio.

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