What are you babbling about, David Brooks?

I was just listening to NPR “All Things Considered”(if I recall correctly) and the host asked David Brooks what he thought about the federal court decision striking down Virginia’s anti gay marriage law.

Normally, I listen carefully to what Mr. Brooks has to say because I’ve grown accustomed to thinking of him as an intelligent and reasonable voice of conservatism. I especially wanted to hear what he wanted to say about marriage equality because I have yet to hear anything approaching a well-reasoned argument to justify depriving people of their fundamental right choose whom to marry. Well it looks like I will need to wait longer because he came up with a really weak line of b.s., which was that “elite” Ivy league judges were coming up with reasons to find these laws un-Constitutional and that was way ahead of public opinion.

He had to back up from there because and the host recognize the majority of U.S. citizens understand marriage equality as Constitutionally protected and common sense fairness. But even if that were not the case, he’s saying that the majority of you just don’t have the intellect to understand that there’s a difference between you feel comfortable with and what’s actually fair and equitable. You’re not Ivy league trained so you wouldn’t get it.

So yes, not only inaccurate but insulting too.

And on top of everything else, he still didn’t give any logical reason to be against this equality.

So my search continues, to find that unicorn – an intellectual conservative who will be honest enough to say something like “No I don’t believe in treating homosexuals like other citizens and this why…” and would have a well thought reason that would challenge me.

*sigh* {waiting by the computer}

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