‘Black Lives Matter’ Negates No One Else’s Lives

it is important to keep in mind that there is a growing faction of the black community that is growing tired of their votes being taken for granted by Democratic politicians. We understand that they are not intentionally prejudiced and that many of their ideas and policies will elevate all of us. However, it is essential for them to speak out on their position about the growing crisis that is extra-judicial killings of black men and women on the streets of our country. If they “get it”, that it is a crisis, then they need to be saying so in no uncertain terms and not broadcasting their ignorance of the crisis by falling back on “all lives matter” or some other ignorant misinterpretation of “black lives matter”. There is a huge problem when citizens can be killed with impunity by state and national forces. And yes, Republicans need to hear the message as well, but it’s got to start with those ears who profess to have some concern about social justice. If you’re not black or brown, I hope you will act in whatever way you can now, so that when the victims of extra-judicial killings are at some point white people, no one will be able to say, “See it had to start happening to white people before it was taken seriously”

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