New Episodes of “The Quai Franklin Show” In Production

It’s been an unexpectedly long two year hiatus, but I’m back producing new episodes of “The Quai Franklin Show”. This season will feature a new science fiction blues series from me, “The Far Parsec”. This will be an episodic science fiction drama with songs intermingled to help tell the story. There will be action, drama, music, love, corporal punishment… What more could you ask for? Yeah, I know… But what more could you ask for that I can provide.

I’m also starting a new series exploring “Unconditional Happiness” in the context of personal philosophy and mindfulness.

Otherwise you can still count on me to provide my take on society, politics, and this art we know as our experience.


Now On Air: Ren Enberg (Freestar) & Quai @ 8:00 pm @ The Dirty Grind

Ren Enberg (Freestar) & Quai @ 8:00 pm @ The Dirty Grind
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Heavy on the Originals
Guitar, Bass, Keys, Harmonies

Heya! Quai and I are performing (our debut!) at 8 pm at The Dirty Grind, a REALLY cool steampunk venue. We follow the soulful Noma Falta and are followed by the sensual Nance Brody! Full-on female music power! Yay! We would feel deep down yummy if you came :)

Bring a friend! Cover those bits!